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  • 1.  Adjunct faculty salary

    Posted 02-10-2022 22:39

    Have any of you experienced the need to adjust adjunct faculty salaries/contracts due to the increase in clinical pay that is happening on the practice side?  I am concerned with providing an attractive offer to our pre-licensure clinical adjunct faculty. 

    Chrissie Perkins PhD
    Dean of Academic Affairs
    Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing
    Richmond, VA

  • 2.  RE: Adjunct faculty salary

    Posted 02-19-2022 13:08
    Hi Chrissie, 
    I have had to be creative in paying for adjuncts- we are very low in numbers of clinical faculty (especially qualified in specialty) this semester and I have had to pay by the day in some instances to have a qualified and hospital-credentialed faculty.  This is an hourly wage amount and is based on degree and experience.  We are held to state guidelines by HR so often I have to justify a higher salary with market comparables.  

    Happy to chat.  


    Cheryl Oetjen DNP
    Interim Director
    George Mason University
    Fairfax VA